Maths Builder resources

 Maths Builder teaching and learning resources include:

Consolidation sheets

support the worksheets by providing exercises that help students to revise and consolidate skills. These exercises help ensure that students are not left behind, and support them in realising their full potential in Mathematics.

Course overview

is provided in the Maths Builder Resources section, ‘Suggested progress and lesson notes’.


shows the context in which a lesson is being taught, by displaying all related worksheets that precede and follow the current lesson. This tool allows teachers to address the learning needs of any student. Struggling students can review previous lessons while advanced students can work on printed Extension sheets.   

Diagnostic tests

let teachers and parents quickly identify each student’s true level of comprehension and address any learning gaps. Cross-references, attached to each Diagnostic test, point to determine appropriate remedial programs.  


Extension sheets

support worksheets with exercises that extend students' learning and capacity to reason.

Fun & Games

give students more opportunities to develop their capacity to reason, explore mathematical concepts, and consolidate mathematical skills. 

Interactive games

use fun, variety and repetition to help students to learn and master important mathematical skills introduced in the worksheets. 

Language cards

summarise important mathematical terms and concepts. These interactive exercises are a powerful tool for introducing lessons, and include voice-over.

Related resources

for every worksheet can be viewed on one page of Maths Builder. Students can use these resources to consolidate, master and enjoy their learning.


Teaching notes

are provided for each worksheet.


allows students, teachers and parents to hear the spoken English instructions on a worksheet or interactive game. Voice-over is an excellent tool for teaching English as a second language, as it helps students improve English speaking and reading skills, while excelling in Mathematics. 


form the core of the Maths Builder curriculum program and are arranged sequentially through each 12-month learning level, from Level 0 to Level 6. Teachers use worksheets to plan and present lessons.

Each worksheet is strongly supported by a linked series of teaching and learning resources.

The worksheets are drawn from the ‘On Your Mark Maths’ textbooks and will be revised to support the Australian Curriculum.