Interactive games

There are 1500 interactive Maths Builder games – all designed to motivate students to learn and master essential mathematical skills as they progress through the levels.

The games use fun, variety and repetition to reinforce all content and skills in the New South Wales Mathematics Syllabus (Levels 0 to 6).

Maths Builder Champion is structured entirely around these games. Every Maths Builder worksheet has an interactive game attached to it. And the School Mastery program uses the games as core homework activity.

If a child plays all of the Maths Builder interactive games in sequence, he/she will revise all of the content and core mathematical skills in a primary school Mathematics syllabus, from Levels 0 to 6.

Voice-over is on all games, so children can play the games and learn the mathematical lessons even if they cannot read.

The questions in each game are randomly selected each time the game is played. This makes the game different each time it is played, which encourages children to play it several times. Most children need to play a game four times to master the concept or skill it presents.

If the games are played through the Maths Builder Champion portal, every game has a record for the highest score. This encourages children to play the game repeatedly to improve on their last effort, and to try to break the record for the game. The record holder for each game is announced weekly on the Maths Builder website.

To discourage children from spending too much time playing the games – at the expense of other important life skills – the record for each game can only be won once by a particular student.

If the games are played through the School Mastery portal, students receive points for each game played, and as their points accumulate, they are rewarded with highly creative graphics exercises, such as 'Make a scene'.

If the games are accessed through the Maths Builder program portal, teachers can choose to use them as worksheets and classroom learning exercises.

Some interactive games can be played with a partner, which gives parents wonderful opportunities to interact with their children during homework exercises.